Devta Name/Local Name/Vedic Name Sharshai Naag/ Chachhahi Naag/ Chachhahi Naag
Type (Rishi, Nag, etc) Shiv
Powering Divinity (Jogini) Mohare
Associated Devtas Bharaulu Gadale
Annual Fair (attended by which other deity) Shadanu, Diwali, Bhadhoo Festival Dhaouvi Nag. From gest
Dussehra Participation/Place No


Location Distance from Kullu Directions Stay Options Key Contact
Sharsha Gram Panchayat Gamog 164 km Kullu-Aut-Banjar-Jalori Pass-Ani-Nirmand- Sharsha Rest Houses and Hotels at Nirmand Niti Ram, Kardar / Raj Kumar, Goor
9418525052 /9418525052


People believe that Sharshahi (commonly known as Chachhahi) Nag has come from Sareulsar lake which is situated near the Jalori pass. During those days this area was inhabited by the people known as ‘Man–Marechho’. These people were very strong but of wicked nature and were against the devi and devatas. Their headquarters were situated in village Bada Sarsah where they had a castle of eighteen floors high built with carved stones. This building is known even today as Thara Bine Choskie. There was also a similar building in Chhota Sharsah. Sharshahi Nag completely uprooted the people and destroyed their 18 storey building and brought all the area under his control. Sharsahi Nag then advised the people to build a temple in Sharsah near Thara Bine Chowki.The devata has sixteen mohras of ashtdhatu and the main mohra is known as Nag devata.