Devta Name/Local Name/Vedic Name Budha Mahadev/ Budha Mahadev/ Mahadev
Type (Rishi, Nag, etc) Shiv
Powering Divinity (Jogini) Kali
Associated Devtas Damah Devta, Jamad and Silka devta
Annual Fair (attended by which other deity) 12 Bhadon
Other devtas attend depending upon invitation
Dussehra Participation/Place No


Location Distance from Kullu Directions Stay Options Key Contact
Dehra Gram Panchayat Dehra 156 km Kullu-Aut-Banjar-JaloriPass-Ani-Nirmand-Dehra Hotels and Rest Houses at Nirmand Karam Chand, Kardar / Balkrishan, Goor


Once a farmer in the village of Shocha was ploughing in his field. Suddenly the plough struck something hard which came out with the plough. He saw it was a mohra. He brought it home and kept in a room where ears of Kangni (Kauni) were kept for drying. After some days when the peasant came to the room he was surprised to see that only half the Kaauni had remained. He saw that ants were carrying and storing those grains to Nithar village. The peasant told this event to other villagers. Then the people understanding the matter constructed a temple there. It is also told that once a saint meditated here and since then the place came to be known as Boodha Mahadev. The devta has eighteen mohras of various metals and two of them possess inscriptions.