Devta Name/Local Name/Vedic Name Laxmi Narayan / Laxmi Narayan / Vishnu Bhagwan
Type (Rishi, Nag, etc) Vaishnav
Powering Divinity (Jogini) Dev Sthali par
Associated Devtas Chatar Khand, Gadond, Chherapliyal, Laxmi Mata,
Vashuki Naag, Panchveer, Atharah Bhore, Matha,
Jogni, is in the Dev History
Annual Fair (attended by which other deity) Written in Dev History
Dussehra Participation/Place Kullu


Location Distance from Kullu Directions Stay Options Key Contact
Tinder, Gram
65 km Kullu-Banjar-Gushaini
3 km on foot
FRH Shai Ropa Narotam Singh, Kardar/
Bahadur Singh, Goor
98176-50522 /


This Devta from Indraprasth (Delhi) incarnated in village Majhtan of Kothi Toong. There lived a widow in that village. One day she called some people for sowing her field. Malechh Thakur of there along with his Eighteen pairs of oxen started ploughing in her field. During day time, widow went to her residence to take grass for those oxen and food for Thakurs. When she was ready to move with food and grass, then Devta appeared there after transforming him as a hermit and asked for the food. The lady made him feel that she was unable to give that time, because she will cause delay in reaching there with food and grasses for Thakurs and oxen and this will result anger by Thakurs. Then hermit told that for oxen she just carry only one ‘Kash’ (one palm full) of grasses for oxen and for Thakurs just one ‘Pibhri’ (hollow branch from between wheat and barley) of ‘Sur’ (Sura,wine), this will make them satisfy and just after returning she should serve him food. Then widown did as advised by the hermit. Indeed, Oxen got complete satisfaction from one palm full and Thakur too with one ‘Pibhri’ Sur. Malechh Thakurs surprised to saw this but due to pride they were not agree to accept any power. One of them told, ‘Gain Chutlee Sire Thamle, Dhartan Footlee Hathe Dhakule’. It means if sky would broke then they would hold it on their head and if this earth would broke then they would hold it from their hand. The lady returned to her house after they took food. After reaching home she served food to the hermit. The hermit also demanded milk along with meal from her. The lady told to hermit that she had only a caugh so she is unable to give him milk. The hermit told her that try with the caugh extracting milk and surely she will. When she tried then milk started coming from caugh’s teat. She extracted milk and made the hermit drink the milk. The hermit told that lady to sit inside the home and self moved behind the village to a place called Thehara and there he alerted Malechh Thakurs. But proudy Thakurs were not hesitated at all. Then hermit from his ‘Gaj’ hitted Dhar (Peak of the mountain) and by falling Dhar all Thakurs were killed by coming under that. Mean while, the lady by the deving power flied to a place called Shua-Kamroo of Kinnour and appeared there where even today she is regarded as Devi. After that, there is a meeting of transformed Devta in hermit appearance with Laxmi Narayan of Chipni. Chipni Narayan gave him a place named Faryadi Maroud. In this place it was the ruling of Thakurs. After some time, Devta made those Thakur felt with his powers then people established him in village Faryadi and regarded him as Karandi initialy then later on build a charriot by mutual co-operation. Today this is famous in the name of Laxmi Narayan Faryadi