Devta Name/Local Name/Vedic Name Vadi Durga
Type (Rishi, Nag, etc) Durga
Powering Divinity (Jogini) In Temple
Associated Devtas Baihni Mahadev
Annual Fair (attended by which other deity) Bali Virshu, Chakhana Jagra, Diwali Baihni Mahadev attends the festivals.
Dussehra Participation/Place Kullu


Location Distance from Kullu Directions Stay Options Key Contact
Vadi, Taluna 140 km Banjar-Jalori Pass-Ani Rest houses and hotels at Ani Kishan Singh, Kardar /Mast Ram Goor
9459215770 /9817415816


Once a person of Turli clan of the village of Tihanhi found a mohra while he was ploughing in his field. A voice in the air announced at the same time that a temple should be built at a place named Baadi near the bank of the river and the mohra should be established there. The person met the Brahmins of Tumanh village and called the carpenters of village Shaai village and built the temple for the devi. The devi has seven mohras. These mohras have inscriptions. In folk tradition Baihni Mahadev is considered the brother of Vadi Durga. The devi travels to Saryolsar.