Devta Name/Local Name/Vedic Name Paneuee Naag / Paneuee Naag / Kungmi Mahadev
Type (Rishi, Nag, etc) Shiv
Powering Divinity (Jogini) Kuinry Devta
Associated Devtas Diwali, Ani Mela, Rani kot mela, 20 Ashad
Annual Fair (attended by which other deity) One
Dussehra Participation/Place Kullu


Location Distance from Kullu Directions Stay Options Key Contact
Alam Chand, Kardar /Tabe Ram , Goor
98179-08626 /98162-01710


One upon a time there lived three Nags at a place named Shai in village Kungas. Once they decided to go to village Paneu. They settled they will go through the earth beneath the surface. Among the three the one who reaches the first there will be the devata of the place. Amongst them, Sankpal was very clever. They started the race. The two Nags moved under the surface. Sankpal covered some distance beneath the earth and rest he covered running on the earh. After reaching there he made ‘Sankhnaad’, blew conch. On hearing this the other two nags understood Shankpal had already reached there so they changed their path. Shankpal became famous as Paneu Nag. The devata has nine mohras of ashtdhatu and has inscription on one of them